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Air TV is an animated television show that originated in Japan. ADV Films licensed it in North America, until FUNimation gained the license.

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Yukito is a wanering puppet master, who is looking for a being know as "The Girl in the Sky".

During his travels, he comes upon a small town and has very little success with his puppet shows. Only afterwards, he meets a girl, Misuzu, who does not seem to do well in school.

After spending some time together, Yukito suspects that she is the one he was looking. Is he right or is he off the mark?


The show contains the following episodes, excluding the recap.

Air TV season 1
Episode Title
1 Breeze
2 Town
3 Whisper
4 Plume
5 Wing
6 Star
7 Dream
8 Summer
9 Moon
10 Light
11 Sea
12 Air
Air TV OVA series
Episode Title
1 Mountain Path
2 Universe


No movies have been listed

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