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Spice & wolf 2 is an anime adaption of a series of light novels, which goes by the title Spice and wolf. this series is a continuation from another anime.



Holo, a pagan wolf god who seeks to return home, and Lawrence, a traveling merchant continue their journey to get Holo back to her hometown of Yoitsu. However, things still are not trouble-free for the two. First, Lawrence has to win a bet against a fellow merchant, who wishes to take Holo from him, which seems to test their bonds. Afterwards, they meet another merchant who formerly had ties with the church and wants him to be part of their plans.


Spice & wolf 2 episodes
Episode Title
0Wolf and Amber Melancholy
1Wolf and the Inadvertent Rift
2Wolf and the Calm Before the Storm
3Wolf and the Gap that Cannot br Filled
4Wolf and the End of Shallow Thinking
5Wolf, Hope and Despair
6Wolf and Trustworthy God
7Wolf and Playful Days
8Wolf and an Enchanting Traveler
9Wolf and Reckless Negotiation
10Wolf and Lonely Smile
11Wolf and the Decision to Part
12Wolf and Endless Tears


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