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This program is a program that focuses on things dealing with retirement

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This program calculates the Required Minimum Distribution for people ages 70-115+

How-to Use

To use this app, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter your birth date in the format it asks for (Note: Your birth date is not permanently held by the program nor is it sent to a server.)
  2. Enter account balance without any commas or dollar signs
  3. Press Calculate RMD

Other details

This program was targeted for Android OS 2.1 or higher but has so far been tested on only Android OS 2.2.

Required Minimum distributions are actually for people ages 70.5-115+, going by a certain date. However, most RMD tables present on the internet start at age 70.

There is a certain time frame in which the person must be 70.5, but the difficulty of figuring out how to dynamically getting dates of certain years has forced me to base the age off the normal way of current date.

Please consult an accountant or other tax professional, when you use the application.