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Noir is a show that originated in Japan and was originally license by ADV Films, like Air TV, but is now licensed by FUNimation.



An assassin gets an unexpected message from somebody that asks if she wants to take a journey to look for their past. This leads the assassin to meet a girl with amnesia, whom seeks out why she knows how to kill and the fact that she knows the name Noir. In order to uncover that truth, the two join forces using Noir as an alias. However, instead of a peaceful killing spree, they become entangled in the plans of a secret society.


Noir Season 1

Episode Title
1 Maidens With Black Hands
2 Daily Bread
3 The Assassination Play
4 The Sound of Waves
5 Les Soldats
6 Lost Kitten
7 The Black Thread of Fate
8 Intoccabile Acte I
9 Intoccabile Acte 2
10 The True Noir
11 Moonlit Tea Party
12 Assassination Mission
13 Season of Hell
14 A Bouquet of Flowers for Mireille
15 The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 1
16 The Cold-Blooded Killer Acte 2
17 Return to Corsica
18 The Darkness Within Me
19 The Two Hands of the Soldats
20 The Sin Within the Sin
21 Morning Without Dawn
22 Journey's End
23 Sentiments for the Remaining Flower
24 Dark Return
25 The Depths of Hell's Fire
26 Birth


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