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Last Exile is an anime produced by Gonzo and was dubbed by Pioneer.

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Two orphaned children, Claus Valca and Lavie Head, who have a passion for flying, and they even make a living from it. During a race, a fellow pilot crashes into them and turns his mission over to them. Surprisingly, the mission has a seven star danger rating, which scares Lavie, but Claus goes through with it. However, this one mission brings them into a new kind of life, one of danger, as well as good times.


Last Exile episodes
Episode Title
1 First Move
2 Luft Vanship
3 Transpose
4 Zugzwang
5 Positional Play
6 Arbiter Attack
7 Interesting Claus
8 Takeback
9 Calculate Alex
10 Swindle
11 Develop
12 Discovered Attack
13 Isolated Pawn
14 Etude Lavie
15 Fairy Chess
16 Breakthrough
17 Making Material
18 Promotion Sophia
19 Sicilian Defense
20 Grand Stream
21 Rook Dio
22 Queen Delphine
23 Castling Lucciola
24 Sealed Move
25 Quiet Move
26 Resign


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