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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is a manga series written by Sanbe Kei, who also wrote Hohzuki Island and Crade of Monsters, and was adapted into an anime in January 2016.

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Satoru Fujinuma is a seemingly normal and responsible member of society, who is struggling to make a name for himself in the manga industry.

However, what nobody seems to know, not even his mother, is that he has the blessing, or curse, in the eyes of some, of the ability to relive events and bring about happy endings that did not occur the first time around.

One day, when his ability activates, his mother witnesses something happening and ends up dead after talking about something that happened almost two decades ago.

Upon finding his mother's corpse and being suspected of murder, Satoru wants to use his power to save his mom, but he is taken too far back and must now get involved in the case from 18 years ago that started everything.


While the anime episodes are generally faithful to the manga, there have been things cut from the adaptations.

Until the manga ends, there is no way of knowing what scenes are going to be important and which ones were not.

Episode Title Manga Source
1 Flashing Before My Eyes Ch. 1-6
2 Palm of the Hand Ch. 7-9
3 Birthmark Ch. 9-10
4 Accomplishment Ch. 11-12
5 Getaway Ch. 13-15
6 Grim Reaper Ch. 16-18
7 Out of Control Ch. 18-22
8 Spiral Ch. 22-23
9 Closure Ch. 23-27
10 Joy Ch. 28-31
11 Future Ch. 32-35 (scenes heavily altered and ends on Anime Original stuff)
12 Treasure Ch. 44 (Anime only stuff for most of episode)


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