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Clannad After Story is an anime based on the same game as, and a continuation of, the show called Clannad.

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Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa have started dating, after having experienced many troubles among their friends. However, things are not over yet for the two. First, they have to deal with the relationship between the Sunohara siblings and help somebody who has been a big help to both Nagisa and Tomoya. Afterwards, both Nagisa and Tomoya have graduated and got married, but an untimely death leaves one of them with a little girl, as well as breaks the heart of the surviving parent to the point of neglecting the child. Now, that survivor must make up with the child and relearn the importance of family.


Clannad After Story Episodes
Episode Title
1 The Goodbye at the End of Summer
2 Search for Fake Love
3 Disagreeing Hearts
4 With the Same Smile as that Day
5 Season You Were In
6 Forever By Your Side
7 Her Whereabouts
8 Valiant Fight
9 En Route on the Sloped Road
10 Season of Beginnings
11 The Promised Founder's Festival
12 Sudden Events
13 Graduation
14 A New Family
15 In the Remains of Summer
16 White Darkness
17 Summertime
18 The Ends of the Earth
19 The Road Home
20 The Tidal Breeze's Mischief
21 The End of the World
22 Small Palms
Extra The Event from One Year Before
OVA Another World: Kyou Chapter
Summary Under the Green Tree


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