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Clannad is an anime adaption based off a game. This series was created by the same people behind Air.

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Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent in school and tries to garner attention in ways that are not good for him. However, that all changes when he meets Nagisa Furukawa. Now, they are helping each other improve their lives, while they also discover the importance of a family.


Clannad Episodes
Episode Title
1 On the Hillside Path Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter
2 The First Step
3 Once Again After Crying
4 Let's Find Friends
5 The Scenery with a Carving
6 The Sisters' Founder's Festival
7 Star-Shaped Feelings
8 The Wind that Vanishes into Dusk
9 Until the End of the Dream
10 The Girl Genius' Challenge
11 The After School Rhapsody
12 Hidden World
13 Garden of Memories
14 Theory of Everything
15 Stuck Problem
16 3 On 3
17 A Room Without Anyone
18 Counter Measures
19 A New Life
20 A Hidden Past
21 Face Toward the School Festival
22 Two Shadows
Extra The Events of Summer Holidays
OVA Another World: Tomoyo Chapter

series is continued in Clannad After Story


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