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Buso Renkin is an anime adaption of the manga by the same name. This series was written by the same man who wrote Rurouni Kenshin.

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Kazuki is just a normal high schooler, until one particular night. On that night, he witnesses a girl about to be attacked and sacrifices his life to save her, although she did seem to appreciate. In return for rescuing her, she revives him and tries to make sure that he does not get involved any further.

However, Kazuki does not listen and instead helps the girl fight against homunculi and becomes more involved in her work.


Buso Renkin Episodes
Episode Title
1 A New Life
2 The True Form Homunculus
3 You've Become a Little Stronger
4 Another New Life
5 To Protect Someone
6 The Butterfly of Black Death
7 Whether or Not You're a Hypocrite
8 A Night in the Dorm
9 The Hayaska Twins
10 It seems We're Well Matched
11 'Til Death Do Us Part
12 Carnival
13 Signs of Death
14 Who are You?
15 An Intermediate Existence
16 New Strength
17 When Dawn Comes
18 The Escape
19 As Long as I can Protect You
20 With Strength and Spirit
21 Gone Into Flame
22 A Decision is Required
23 Boy Meets Battle Girl
24 When You Die, I'll Die With You
25 No One Could Take His Place
26 Period


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